Gavin Wilson

I've washed my bike this morning by spraying Clean Care all over the bike and leaving for roughly 2 minutes then power washing it off. Once I've finished washing and drying I cover the bike in a silicone based lubricant/protector to get rid of water in any hard to reach places and just gives the bike a protective layer. With the other products this protective layer is taken off every time I wash the bike but when I was washing with the Clean Care I could see that the water was beading better after the wash making me think it wasn't taking the protective layer off and only the dirt.

I did spray the full exterior of the car with Clean Care and brush cleaned it then rinsed it off this was a 10 minute job and the results where great. I then cleaned the interior plastics using Clean Care and a microfibre cloth this was effortless and did a great job. I also cleaned the windows on the car and a couple on the house with great results.

Overall I think you have a fantastic multi purpose product. I will by your product in future due to its versatility and good cleaning ability. Thanks for giving each the sample, I will certainly recommend your product to friends and family. 

Jinnah Restaurant Group

Clean Care has benefited our businesses in many ways and It is so easy to use, our staff find it very refreshing not having to look for different products for different tasks, just the Clean Care. We have a bottle at every section of the restaurants, so it is easy to access by all staff members. It degreases with ease, it is an antibacterial and can be used on just about anything! Even floors and glass. The Kitchen managers love it because it works wonders on the stainless steel. Our staff use it for both deep cleaning and at a lower dilution rate for daily maintenance. The results it leaves are fantastic, everything clean and smelling fresh. This product has also saved the business money by reducing the amount of chemicals to just one, compared to the numerous products used in the past, 1 x 5 Litres last’s approximately 6 weeks in a very busy restaurant, this is amazing. This is why some of the managers call it the “Magic Stuff”.

No more searching for different cleaning products! It has reduced staff training to a minimum! No more throwing away empty spray bottles because the staff use the same spray bottle over and over again. I found One off such a fantastic product all round! I would recommend this product to anyone in business or for the home.  

Maple Cleaning Services Ltd.

I'm Jonathan Simmonds, co director of Maple Cleaning Services Ltd., with over 25 years of experience in the cleaning industry. Our management philosophy is very much to lead from the front, so when asked by One Off Innovations this year to try their One Off Clean Care product I wanted to know if it was up to some of our toughest cleaning tasks. I have personally used it to degrease and sanitise kitchens in student properties, produce a streak free finish to high end office furniture and remove staining from granite paving stones. Not only does this product work but used at the recommended dilutions we anticipate it will save our business at least 50% of our cleaning chemical budget over the next 18 months by replacing the vast majority of the current range of cleaning products we use on customer's premises. 

This benefits the health and safety of our customers and staff but also reduces our carbon footprint with less packaging to dispose of and fewer deliveries to site. We are now well underway to introducing One Off Clean Care to all our cleaning contracts and have no hesitation in recommending this product to any potential customer either professional or private.

Alpine Cleaning Management Ltd

Alina Short

I was introduced to One Off Clean Care Five years ago by Artemis Artemiou, the creator of this amazing product.
Clean Care is used in all my DOC contracts. My staff love the ability and diversity of clean care, most of all, they are so pleased that they are only using one product compared to the several products used in the past.

My company also provides one off / builders / refurbishment and kitchen deep cleans. Using only One product( Clean Care). It makes life so much easier, especially when cleaning Stainless steel appliances and Kitchen fixtures. It leaves surfaces - Streak free. It removes Silicon - Adhesive - Cement - paint from floors - walls - Splash backs and other such like surfaces.

We use it for both deep cleaning and general maintenance, at different dilution rates.Which works very well for us.
It has also reduce our costs in many ways. Overall cost by two thirds..No more throwing away plastic bottles. The Trigger spray bottles provided last up to two years and longer.

Fantastic product, I have no hesitation in recommend One Off Clean Care to any one that is looking to simplify their cleaning requirements.

Direct Cleaning Services

Ian Parry 

I was asked to meet Artemis Artemiou who wanted to introduce me to a single product that would replace several products I was using at the time. What??!!
'Sceptical' was probably an accurate description of my attitude prior to the meeting!
Artemis demonstrated his product on site and the results were spectacular. Being the hard-nosed business people that we are, we still needed to use the product ourselves to be fully convinced. We used it at home and it was nothing short of amazing.
The next job was to introduce it to our cleaning team. They could not get their heads around one product replacing six but we insisted they try it. They didn't need convincing a second time. They love it.
It is now used exclusively on all our work. It's hard to believe how good this stuff is........I'd advise any prospective clients to simply try it - you'll be amazed.

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